Sell in San Francisco, Buy in Marin 

Everyday we hear from clients that want to move to Marin from San Francisco.   Whether you are moving to accommodate a new or growing family, or if you just like the sun and the outdoors but don't want to move to the distant suburbs, we understand!   Not only have we personally made this exact same transition but we've also helped countless clients make a similar move "across the bridge" and would welcome the opportunity to help you.

Selling your Current Home in San Francisco

If you need to sell your home in San Francisco prior to buying in Marin, we would welcome the opportunity to work with you on the sale of your San Francisco property.  While you don't need to sell your home with us to buy in Marin, many clients choose to partner with us and our San Francisco Modern Real Estate team for a number of different reasons:


  • We are Local with Local Market Expertise - We are established and experienced agents who are well-versed in both San Francisco & Marin County real estate.   Additionally, we are extremely well-versed in all San Francisco neighborhoods and areas.
  • "2 for the price of 1" Representation  - To insure high-touch service and maximum exposure for your home, we will often co-list your San Francisco property with another top agent from our San Francisco Modern Team.     The advantage of this approach is that you will have two local agents working together to aggressively market and sell you home.    Most importantly, the listing agent's commission you pay would be identical to only having one listing agent represent you in the transaction.
  • Highly Vested Interest in Getting You the Best Price - We recognize that maximizing the proceeds from the sale of your San Francisco home is crucial.    We work hard to get the most money for your home since doing so will provide you with stronger purchasing power and flexibility when we are trying to help you locate, negotiate for, and purchase a new home in Marin County.   
  • Twice the Marketing "Punch"! - Your San Francisco home be will extensively marketed both online and offline by two top agents.   Additionally, we will aggressively market your home to our extensive database of clients interested in lofts, condos and homes in both San Francisco & Marin.
  • Demonstrated Experience & Success - This approach has worked extremely well for many of our clients.  Additionally we have personal experience selling our own homes in San Francisco and buying in Marin so we are very familiar with the process and can help make your move a total success.


If you are contemplating a move to Marin but need to sell first, we would encourage you to request a free estimate of your homes current market value in San Francisco.   We can provide you with a no-obligation assessment of your homes value and also discuss a custom, tag-team approach to marketing and selling your San Francisco home for top dollar!