Sausalito, California

Nestled up against the Marin County end of the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito is a whimsical waterfront town that defies description.  Once home to artists, writers, actors and poets, Sausalito retains a pleasantly offbeat character with an upscale attitude.  Stunning views, art galleries, funky boutiques and open-air restaurants make Sausalito a favored tourist destination.  Those same stunning views, a delightful climate, and an interesting selection of real estate make Sausalito a desirable place to live as well.

Sausalito - Great Proximity to SF, Activities Abound!

Sausalito is conveniently located for commuting to San Francisco.  Only minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge, it is a relatively easy drive into the city.  For those preferring not to drive, Sausalito also is a ferry terminus for the Golden Gate Ferry, offering quick, inexpensive transportation into the city.

As a center of activity, Sausalito offers a wide variety of things to do.  Stroll along the waterfront or hike in the nearby Marin Headlands, visit the Bay Area Discovery Museum or take the Sausalito Wooden Boat Tour – there is, indeed, something for everyone.  Every Labor Day weekend Sausalito hosts what is considered to be one of the finest outdoor art festivals in the country.  In December, residents and visitors alike are treated to the Lighted Yacht Parade.  Then there is the tantalizing peek into some of Sausalito’s most fascinating real estate with the annual Sausalito Floating Homes Tour.

Sausalito CA Real Estate

Real estate in Sausalito is diverse and interesting.  Although there are many custom homes designed by well known architects, Sausalito may be best known for its floating homes.  These unique homes are located in several private marinas and have all the modern conveniences, including cable TV and computer services.  Originally houseboats that served as holiday retreats and artist’s lodgings, these homes have evolved into some pretty amazing structures, ranging from quaint, cozy cottages to elegant floating mansions.

For those who prefer terra firma beneath their feet, Sausalito provides an interesting array of traditional housing ranging from custom designed homes perched on the hillsides surrounding the bay to stylish condominiums close to town. Homes in the Wolfback Ridge neighborhood are exclusive and provide expansive views of the surrounding area; and for the discerning and patient mid-century modern enthusiast, homes designed by architects such as Mario Corbett and Roger Lee occasionally come on the market. Housing in Sausalito does tend to be expensive, especially for homes with a view, but proximity to San Francisco, the great Mediterranean climate, and interesting architecture make every dollar well spent.

Sausalito - Boats, Ceramics and More

Not all of Sausalito is glitz and glamour, however.  Sausalito has a long history with industry, including boatbuilding, and has been home to many well-known boatyards, the most notable being the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center.  As one of the last wooden boatyards on the west coast, Spaulding Center is a living museum dedicated to restoring historically significant wooden boats and the preservation of  traditional boatbuilding skills.

Another piece of industrial history in Sausalito can be found in the Heath Ceramics factory.  Founded in the mid-1940’s by Edith Heath, Heath Ceramics is one of the few mid-century American potteries still in existence. Every facet of every piece is produced in the Sausalito factory, often using the original techniques developed by Edith Heath so many years ago. Heath Ceramics also has a Factory Store, open seven days a week, and offers tours on weekends.

Housing costs in Sausalito tend to be on the high side, especially for homes on the hillsides with their exquisite views of the Bay. The comfortable climate, transportation and commuting choices, and beautiful surroundings help to keep the Sausalito real estate market steady.

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