Marin Relocation

Every day we have clients contact Marin Modern Real Estate who are moving to, or contemplating a move to, beautiful Marin County, California.

Whether you are relocating to Marin County for work, play, family, or even retirement, we would welcome the opportunity to assist you.     Our team has extensive experience working with individuals and families moving to Marin from all areas of the country as well as a significant amount of experience assisting corporate relocation clients who are moving to the San Francisco Bay Area from outside of the country.

Marin Housing Options When Relocating

As part of your relocation to Marin County, you'll need to decide not only where you want to live in Marin but also make a decision as to whether you want to rent or buy a home.   

If you're unfamiliar with Marin County and what each town has to offer, we'd strongly encourage you to start your search by visit the section of our website dedicated to Marin Towns & Neighborhoods.   As you explore the various communities in Marin, you'll also want to contemplate the decision to either purchase or rent a home in Marin.     

For Marin Home Purchases, the Marin Modern Real Estate Team would welcome the opportunity to assist you directly.    Our team consists of full-time, productive and tech savvy realtors that are extremely well versed in all areas of Marin County and have both the experience and knowledge to assist you with the purchase of your home in Marin.

To assist home buyers relocating to Marin, we've developed a helpful step-by-step Guide for Buying a Home in Marin County.    You can preview this Marin home buyers guide online or contact us directly for immediate assistance.

For Marin Rentals, we can offer you recommendations for local apartment and home rental agencies whether you are looking for temporary furnished housing or a longer term rental.    Additionally, we have many clients that find success exploring available rental listings on


Marin Home Buyers Guide: Step-by-Step!

To the uninitiated, the home buying process in Marin can seem like a bewildering maze. Our job at Marin Modern Real Estate is to make this process as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible. By taking a moment to look at each step independently, the entire process becomes much easier to understand.

There are ten general steps, from start to finish, in buying a home. You must establish a budget, get pre-approval for a loan, engage your Marin Modern Realtor, preview homes, make an offer, negotiate with the seller, have the property inspected, obtain appraisals and finalize your loan, close the deal, and collect the keys to your new home. This might sound a bit intimidating, but remember that your Marin Modern Real Estate Agent will be by your side every step of the way.

marin home buyers guide marin modernMarin Home Buying Steps

1. Establish a Budget
2. Obtain Loan Pre-Approval
3. Engage Your Marin Modern Realtor
4. Preview Homes
5. Make an Offer
6. Negotiations
7. Inspections
8. Finalize Loan
9. Close
10. Collect the Keys!


You can explore each of these Marin home buying steps in detail right now - we'd encourage you to start online right now by visiting Step 1: Establish a Budget.


Are you relocating to Marin and considering the purchase of a home, condo, loft or other property? Please complete this brief questionnaire to help us better understand your needs and a Marin Modern Realtor will follow-up with you to help you explore your options in Marin County.