Green + Prefab Homes in Marin

The concept of a Green Home, or the thought of build an eco-friendly Prefab Home, has received extensive media coverage as home buyers, sellers and owners look for environmentally conscious ways to address their housing needs.    The good news is that "going green" doesn't have to mean whole-house renovations or starting over from the ground-up with a custom or prefab home (unless you want to!).     

Going Green in Marin County 

As a Marin homeowner or home buyer, you don't need to build a new house or install state of the art technology to start going green.  The simple truth is that green living involves not wasting resources and responding to environmental conditions.  It can be as easy as turning off lights that aren't in use and installing low flow, water efficient plumbing fixtures. There are many modest changes you can make to an existing home to make it more ecologically friendly, both inside and out.   

In addition to the societal benefits, there are often economic advantages (tax credits, rebates, lower utility bills) available to households interested in "going green".   You can learn more about these benefits and more by visiting Green Homes in Marin.   

If you are thinking about designing and building a green home, we also offer tips and ideas on this website along with a friendly search function for locating land for sale in Marin County.

Building a Prefab Home 

For adventurous modern home buyers interested in green living, there are some wonderful opportunities that can literally be had "out of the box".   With today's prefab homes you can find affordable living, coupled with high design - underscoring the notion that good architecture does not have to be expensive.  

Whether you call them modular, manufactured, or prefab - preassembled homes offer a viable solution for many modern homebuyers.  Because they are built in specially equipped factories, construction costs are generally lower and the production schedule is shorter than for a site-built home.  You will also find that a properly installed and maintained prefab appreciates in value at the same rate as other homes in the neighborhood - a definite plus in today's market.

Building a Prefab Home in Marin County provides an excellent opportunity to go green with very little additional effort.  Since most leading prefab providers practice responsible building practices, conservation starts at the factory, and continues to the home site with the use of sustainable materials and environmentally friendly technology.  Many of today's prefabs have eco-friendly features built into them.  Depending on how "fancy" you want to get, you can even find companies that will install solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and wind generators.

Contact Us if we can help you buy or sell a green home.   We would also welcome the opportunity to assist you in buying land for your prefab or custom home in Marin County, California.


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