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As one of Marin County's first Certified EcoBrokers®, Renee Adelmann of Marin Modern Real Estate is well equipped to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers.  Committed to creating value for her clients, Renee is a modern mid-century home specialist and an advocate for taking a green approach to home ownership.   Renee works with a network of well-qualified professionals who specialize in every aspect of creating a healthy, energy efficient home.  Renee would be delighted to help you with your real estate needs throughout Marin County and the San Francisco area.  

What is a Certified EcoBroker®?

EcoBroker is an internationally recognized program committed to environmentally friendly construction.   A Certified EcoBroker® is a real estate professional who has participated in extensive training and earned certification in understanding environmental issues that impact real estate and the consumer.  Renee Adelmann has successfully completed the course requirements to earn her Certified EcoBroker® status.

Why should I work with Marin Modern / Renee Adelmann?

Renee Adelmann can guide you through the process of buying or selling an environmentally sound home.  She has a cadre of professionals who can provide specialized inspections, including radon, mold, asbestos, and lead inspections, helping to insure that your home is a safe, healthy dwelling.  Renee, along with an energy-efficiency rater, will be able to recognize green features that may already be present in your home and make suggestions as to how you can make your home "greener".  This, in turn, can help you qualify for an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM).

What is a green home?

A green home reflects a mindful approach to building and remodeling.  The basic principals of green building are simple:  conserve natural resources, increase energy efficiency, and improve indoor air quality.  Green buildings are typically easier to maintain than traditional buildings.  They also use fewer resources (water, electricity) which saves money over the life of a home.  Best of all, a green building produces less pollution and is healthier for people, pets, and the environment!

How can I go green?

Actually, you might be greener than you think.  Often, older homes that have been built with quality materials might be considered greener that a brand new, poorly built home.  Renee Adelmann can help you recognize what features are environmentally friendly and make suggestions for modification and renovations that can make your home more energy efficient.

Where can I learn more?

Details about programs and incentives available through

For help in selling or buying a home, visit Renee Adelmann, Realtor® and Certified EcoBroker®. at either of her websites, Marin Modern or Eichler for Sale - or give her a call at 1-415-342-4537.  Renee will be happy to help you with your green real estate needs throughout the Marin and San Francisco area.


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