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Searching for your new home anytime of the year is exciting and just as falling leaves, pumpkins and cooler temps are part of our fall season in the Bay Area, so too, are some truly great film festivals!  There's a little something for everyone, so check out the links below for lots of information and schedules.....and then, go see some great, new movies! 

Oct. 6-16                                 Mill Valley Film Festival          

Oct. 15-22                               Greek Film Festival                

Oct. 28-30 & Nov. 4-6               Berkeley Video Film Festival   

Oct. 13-16                               SF Shorts Film

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When purchasing a home, a buyer will be handed a large stack of disclosures to review and sign off on.  One of the most overlooked documents is the Natural Hazard Disclosure report.  This report could be interpreted as sort of like a land inspection, which determines any natural hazards around the property that may affect the affordability, safety or desirability of the home. 


The report will let the potential buyer know if the home is in any state level determined hazard zones such as earthquake, landslide, liquefaction, flood, potential flood and fire.  These are the mandatory disclosures that are required by law and the only disclosures that need to be signed off on by buyer and seller.  Most of the time, buyers may only have concern if

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Besides the right Marin neighborhood, right Marin school district and right commute distance to work, one of the most important things a Marin Buyer is looking for is an energy efficient home.  That means a home that has energy star appliances, energy efficient lighting, a cost saving HVAC heating/air conditioning, water saving plumbing fixtures, water saving landscaping as well as an eco friendly community.  Buyers in Marin are willing to pay for these eco upgrades!

Did you know that these few changes can save 50% a year in utility/water costs?  Yup, 'tis true and more and more buyers are looking to have lower monthly utility bills not only because of their eco friendly consciousness but also that savings allows them to have an

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This year there will be 100 master street painters who will create an amazing gallery on the streets near the San Rafael Mission. It's a very fun and eye-candy experience to see these creations!  A feature this year will be a 3D painting of Rome's iconic Trevi Fountain.. a major highlight of this this painting will actually take 5 days to create by world-famous Master Madonnara, Julie Kirk-Purcell, and a group of  young adult artists being who are being mentored on anamorphic technique ( defines anamorphic as having or producing unequal magnifications along two axes perpendicular to each other).

There's activities, music, food and fun for all at this yearly event.  Here are some of the

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I just read a very interesting article by Kenneth R. Harney, who writes a syndicated column, The Nation's Housing, (New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Inman News, etc.) titled, "Fannie Mae Making Credit Habits into Mortgage Issue." The article was saying that folks with credit cards are considered either a "revolver" or a "transactor" which is determined by whether they make small or minimum payments on their credit card (revolver) or whether they pay off their credit card debt in full each month (transactor). 

Up to now lenders didn't care which we were as long as we were current on any payments.  Credit reports show exactly that too-whether you are current or whether you are in default or late on any and they never showed what we

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I had the pleasure of representing the new owners of 20 Burning Tree Drive in the County Club section of Novato.  My clients have grown "kids," that moved to San Francisco and so they decided to sell their home in England and come across the pond, too!  On the must have list was a house with lots of light, picturesque views and great outdoor space for enjoying our California weather....and this property has it all and so much more!  Boasting large bedrooms, 2 family rooms, large LR and DR,  an office and even a wine cellar, this home will be the beginning of making many new wonderful memories for this fabulous family! 

If you are looking for a property to start making your new memories a reality, please give me a call and we can get those…
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Not long ago my younger sister was trying to lighten her load for moving.  She had a lovely, but very old upright piano that barely worked.  For almost a month, we tried donating it to every organization we could think of, also to piano refurbishers, to music stores, put it on Craigslist under "Free," on Freecycle and on and on.  We couldn't get anyone to even come look at it.  They all said they already had more than they needed or they weren't interested.
She finally had to pay a guy to have it hauled away.  So sad for sure!
Fast forward a few months and I happen to find a Pinterest board dedicated to repurposing old pianos.  Such a great idea that I just wanted to share!
So, whether you are looking for a piano water fall, a piano art

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If you are considering selling your home, here are a few tips to make the process run more smoothly:

1. Pick a Realtor who will manage the home preparation process for you. Hopefully, they will provide you a production calendar of events to help you stay focused and organized.

2. Have your home pre-inspected. Any issue that hasn’t been disclosed up front is fair game; a Buyer may request a credit back or price reduction. If you do nothing else, this is one action item that could save you thousands of dollars.

3. Go to the planning office and look at your file. Was any work done without permits? Clear those up in advance or discuss with your Realtor.

4. When cleaning out the garage, remove old paint and other toxic materials. Arrange to have those

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It's cold outside and that means it's the perfect time to get in some family ice skating..and some hot chocolate! Here's a list with all you need for some fun time on the ice in Marin County, Sonoma County and San Francisco:


Northgate Mall Rink in San Rafael

This seasonal outside skating rink is located in the Oaktree Plaza area of Northgate Mall (same location as the outdoor music in summer). This spot is perfect for all ages, they even offer "skate buddies" for rent- which are like walkers designed to go on the ice. Dates: Nov. 8, 2015 - Jan. 10, 2016
Times: See schedule for times.

Cost: $15/person includes skate rental, good for entire day with in and out privileges 


Snoopy's Rink in

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Gas Fireplace inserts: Marin County

Do love the warmth and ambiance of a cozy fire but are frustrated by the limitations of your current fireplace, no burn days and the cost and storage of wood? A gas fireplace insert may be a great option for you.


I've always loved a natural wood fire; the ritual of preparing the fire, the smell and the crackle.  However, I live in an Eichler and my fireplace, like most Eichler's, has a wide opening and a short chimney above the roof. This combination most often leads to a smoky home and a lot of disappointing attempts to create a cozy living room experience. A few years ago, unwilling at the time to give up on my traditional fireplace, I had a smoke guard, gas log starter and taller stack installed.  I was so

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