Thinking of moving to Kentfield for the schools?

Posted by Annalise Demuth on Thursday, January 12th, 2012 at 9:41pm.


Great idea.  Being a Kentfield School District (KSD) parent I thought I might blog about my experience with the schools and why I like living in Kentfield.

A little background.  I moved here on a whim.  Well, not entirely.  I picked Kentfield because my son (now in 5th grade at Kent Middle School) was nearing the first day of Kindergarten and I like to hike.  As it happens Kentfield has a great school district and a number of local hiking trails on Mount Tamalpais.  

The Kentfield School District is comprised of two schools, Bacich Elementary and Kent Middle School.  Bacich Elementary serves children from K-4th grade and Kent Middle School serves children from 5th -8th grade. 

You'd think after 6 years of car line duty and Halloween neighborhood marches at noon I might know a little about the district.  But I don't.  So, I made some phone calls which led me to Marie Lyons, president of kik (Kentfield Invests in Kids).  We met for lunch at the Woodlands Café and chatted about kik. 

kik is the fund raising arm of the Kentfield Schools Foundation.  The foundation was established 20 years ago to provide supplemental funds to the districts budget. 

"The Foundation was created to supplement the District's budget to ensure our kids receive the best possible education regardless of how our schools are funded." -kik about page.

Last year kik raised 1.5M dollars for the district, more than the states contribution.  The kik contribution paid for smaller than average class sizes, enrichment programs in art, music, PE, chorus, technology, band, drama, video, architecture, woodshop, film, Spanish and school Counseling.

But back to the six years of car line duties and neighborhood Halloween marches at noon.  Kik isn't the only thing the school district has going for it.  Throughout my son's six years he's benefited from the experiences of great teachers, school policies that promote positive social behaviors, and I must say I'm really impressed with the parent education the district provides to ease and educate parents about issues related to education and raising children.

So, while my goal was to find a place to hike and great schools for my son, I really scored moving to Kentfield. I love living here.  I feel like I live in  a community that's focused on community first.  Maybe it's just my view point from my very family oriented life, but I can't help that bias.  I could be influenced by small town police stations in Ross, seeing the College of Marin's basketball team schedule on the marqee while driving down College Ave, the Larkspur library and local favorite restaurants like Wipe Out where you're sure to run into your kids friends and the parents who've become vital to your life because you've all been moving along in life at the same time and place.

Of course, even more to talk about, like easy commutes to San Francisco, the East and North Bay, walking paths, the Corte Madera Creek, shoping centers... Please feel free to call me if you'd like to know more about buying a home in this wonderful community.

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