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6 Plaza Loma Novato, CA 94947 - Sold with Grace!

I am not easily excitable but I do feel things very deeply and intensely. I know...seems like opposing traits. I emote from the inside vs the outside which is best displayed when I watch The Ellen Show. Yes, I watch Ellen! Why? Because her show evokes emotions from me and everyone around her.  When she helps someone in true need or makes a dream come true it reaches into my soul and I can feel what they are feeling. But...if I went on her show I don't think I would jump and up down and scream like every single other person. There is very little that draws that kind of reaction from me so I guess I can be moved to laugh or cry but not to bounce and scream. Someday when I make it to The Ellen Show

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before_kitchen_blog_rs_250 after_kitchen_blog_rs_250

Before: Kitchen looks dirty & dated.                  After: Kitchen looks clean & fresh.

As a realtor, I have helped many homeowners prepare their home for sale. Every property is unique, but these basic guidelines and tips will help make your property shine. 

Homes that look good and are priced right sell fast and for the most money!

Tip #1: De-clutter entire property. That includes the yard, the closets the garage and most importantly the whole interior of the house. Less is more!

Tip #2: Clean the entire property. That means the yard needs to looks fantastic and neat and the interior is squeaky clean. Most buyers can't get past a mess to see "good bones". Alittle landscaping goes a long way too.

Tip #3:  Paint.  Paint is the least expensive

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