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The Marin Country Club neighborhood in Ignacio Valley is as good as it gets. A Southern Novato location with Marin’s best weather, excellent schools, great shopping, fantastic views, still a relatively good value, and ideally situated with easy commutes to San Francisco, Sonoma, and Napa Valley. The homes in the neighborhood do vary in size and are typically larger in square footage and acreage when compared to Southern Marin locations.

I’ve been a Marin Country Club resident for the past 16 years and can truly speak from experience on the quality of life my family has had in this fantastic location. We are also members of the private Marin Golf and Country Club where we enjoy a first class facility with plenty of activities ranging from golf,

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People Moving In - People Moving Up - People Moving Down - People Moving Out


There have always been more people who want to live in Marin than there are homes to sell them.  That's nothing new.  A common refrain these days from "fence sitting" sellers is, "I don't want to put my home on the market because I might not find a replacement property."  It seems to be creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of low inventory and off- market match-making. The real estate PR machine keeps stoking the fire.

What feels a little different about the current real estate market is the imbalance in the type of housing and the demographics driving the market. A healthy real estate market depends on people moving in, moving up, moving down and moving out. The

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Golden Gate Bridge no longer takes cash at  toll booth starting March 27, 2013. In effort to save the bridge district money ($16.8 million over the next eight years) and speed up the traffic flow, all bridge crossers from Marin County will be paying their tolls electronically.  Also, for the first time ever there will now be a carpool lane (second lane from the right).  Please check this link for the carpool rules.

Basically there are several methods for paying the toll.

1: Open a Fas Track account : This is great for those who frequently cross the bridge and want a discounted price and are willing to prepay an account.

2: Pay-By-Plate :  This is good for those who cross less frequently but want the fee charged directly to their credit card

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