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Just what is a corn maze?   Who invented such and thing...and why?

A maze or labyrinth, as it is sometimes known, is simply a complicated, irregular network of paths, which can be difficult to find one's way through.  So, a corn maze is simply a maze that it cut out of a corn field.

Mazes date back at least thousands of years to the time of Greek myths.  The pyramids have tunnels in them that are in the form of a maze or labyrinth.    Many archeological dig sites have maze designs as does ancient artwork, floor designs in homes, buildings and even street pavements.  In Scandinavia, there are over 600 stone labyrinths lining the beaches of the Baltic Sea....about 300 of them in Sweden alone!  Some believe that mazes were

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In 1874, San Rafael began as a sleepy city of 160 acres and 600 residents.  By 1880, the population had reached 2,276.  It became the county's government seat and grew to a population of 8,570 by 1940.  The north end of San Rafael, the area now known as Terra Linda, was largely ranch and dairy land.   Most of this area was owned by the Manuel T. Freitas family, a Portugese family who owned and operated a large dairy.

The Terra Linda area came into being in 1954.  A gentleman, Cal Wheeler, began building what was called The Terra Linda Master Plan, a planned community which included a shopping center (The Terra Linda Shopping Center), homes, community sites and local school sites.  After World War II, in the 1950's and 1960s, young

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The 62nd Sausalito Art Festival is about to amaze once again on Labor Day Weekend, August 30-September1!

 With a waterfront setting, 260 artists, from around the world showing their paintings, scultptures, jewelry, ceramics, glass, fiber arts, woodwork, photography, mixed media (to name just a few), the Sausalito Art Festival is guaranteed to be a day to enjoy!  

Like to dance?  Well, there is continuous music on two stages to get you goin’!   This yeas lineup includes Taj Majal, Tommy Castro, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and Pride & Joy.  There is a full schedule and lineup on the festivals website.

Visit the Wine Garden, the Wine Vineyard, the Premium Wine Bar as you stroll the festival.  Ten different wines are featured from our world

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A special wine country treat awaits you July 11-20...The Napa Valley Festival del Sole is a fine wine and food festival, an arts festival and a music festival all wrapped into one amazing event throughout the valley.   In it's 9th  year, the festival offers dozens of concerts and a hundred+ food and wine events.   World class international conductors, opera stars, prima ballerinas, a young artist concert, a chamber opera,  community and wellness events, and renowned chefs cooking in unusual winery venues will keep your senses hopping!


This 10-day festival, set in the beautiful Napa Valley, offers both paid and free events.   So whether you like jazz or opera or ballet or simply fine wines and food, you will find many varied sensory

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Summer means camp time for lots of kids!   In Marin, there is a large and diverse offering of fun daytime local day camps for every age group.

A couple of interesting local ones deserve a nod:

If your son or daughter likes Volleyball, you might check out Absolute Vollyball  Camps. Absolute Volleyball Club in San Rafael is offering camps for boys and girls which will run from June 9th through August 20th. Camps are tailored to the various age groups from third grade through seniors in high school, and from beginners to advanced players seeking college scholarships. The camps are a fun way to stay active throughout the summer and learn and develop volleyball skills.  Information about their summer programs and open court times,

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147 Lagunitas, Ross is a gorgeous turn of the century home situated on a magnificent 1.2 acre lot.  The property is enveloped by an English style garden, level lawn in the backyard perfect for a game of Croquet and an infinity pool with ridge views.    With over 5400 s.f., this 5 bedroom, 4 bath home features a grand living and dining room area, spacious eat in kitchen, large sunroom that opens out onto the expansive backyard, detached gym and a gated entrance to the property.  Fruit trees are abundant on the property, and a nicely featured rose garden whose smells will take your breath away.  This property is located close to downtown Ross, Ross School, Lagunitas Country Club and the entrance to Phoenix Lake.

This home, at one time,

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If you are a gardener or just love beautiful yards and gardens then this Saturday, May 10th, from 9a-3p,  a treat awaits you!  It is the annual Beyond The Garden Gate tours of the "secret" gardens in Ross.  It is a really incredible time! 

 Beyond the Garden Gate began in 1996, as a way to raise money for the Ross School's  PTA.  Back then, seven beautiful gardens were featured and Beyond the Garden Gate was a huge successs. Thru the years, the tour has changed some, but it continues to be a very memorable community event and fundraiser.

This year the self-guided tour consists of  4 gardens, each are spectacular and you are able to spend plenty of time at each walking the grounds.  Shuttle buses take you from one to the other and

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Wow, the reality of this years Seller’s market definitely includes the words “multiple offers are probable.”

So, how does a buyer best compete in a Seller’s market?   

How about step into a Seller’s head (or shoes) and ask yourself what would you be looking for if you were the Seller? 

  • ·Sellers want the highest and best price;
  • ·Put the entire 3% deposit down with your offer;
  • · Keep your terms simple  (i.e. don’t ask for things upfront);
  •  Buyer may sweeten the deal by offering the Seller a short escrow, free-rent back, offer to pay for costs       usually a Seller pays-county and/or city transfer taxes, natural hazard report, a home warranty.   Paying any/all of these increases the Seller’s net.
  •  Since you may
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It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is ..... and that means Marin's fabulous waterfalls should be flowing fast and furious...finally!

Round up your crew, pack some snacks and check some of these out...you won't be disappointed!

Cascade Falls in Mill Valley's Cascade Canyon is one of the easiest falls' to get to....good for young kids on up. A relaxing walk, thru Redwoods and only about 2/10th of a mile roundtrip.  To get there from downtown Mill Valley take Throckmorton Avenue to Cascade Drive. Turn left on Cascade Drive, then follow it to the right for about a mile, just past where it intersects with Throckmorton again. Park in the dirt lot on the right marked with the sign "Cascade Falls."

Without having to drive, there's

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How should I price my house?  That is a question realtors hear daily.  Generally, your local market will have a lot to say about pricing.  It's very important to study the market and make sure you are priced correctly.  If you are priced correctly, realtors and their clients will show up to see it (both at Open Houses and private showings) and likewise, if you are priced too high, the market will let you know very quickly as you won't have many showings.   There's an old saying in the real estate world when you aren't getting many showings or offers, "If you can't move the house, move the price!" 

Having said all that, there are also little hidden gems that should be considered when pricing your home for sale.  A study was recently done around

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