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Marin Modern Real Estate is happy to announce that registration for the Marin First Time Home Buyer Seminar is now open!

Marin Modern has teamed up to host the Marin First Time Home Buyer Seminar. The seminar will take place Sunday, March 2nd 11am - 1pm. This two-hour event will feature guest speakers Renee Adelmann, Owner and Realtor of Marin Modern Real Estate, and Nicholas Ballard, Mortgage Advisor at Pinnacle Capital Mortgage. A wealth of information will be provided to attendees, so be sure to register for the event. 

If you're looking to buy your first home in Marin this year, we encourage you to register for this FREE event! The event usually sells out quickly, so be sure to register to reserve your spot.

You can learn more about the event

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Changes recently implemented by HUD will increase the cost of upfront and annual mortgage insurance premiums for FHA insured loans with case numbers assigned on or after April 9, 2012. A second round of increases will go into effect for jumbo FHA loans assigned on or after June 11 with loan sizes ranging above $625,500 up to the maximum loan size of $729,750. These increases are geared to replenish the FHA's mortgage insurance fund, which was recently assessed at having a 50% chance of falling to a zero balance, potentially requiring a tax payer bailout.

The FHA does not make loans. Rather, it insures loans that meet its guidelines, which are extremely lenient with respect to a borrower's credit worthiness. FHA loans allow for credit scores

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New home buyer seminar in Marin County, California.

Yesterday we hosted a Marin First Time Home Buyer Seminar and I wanted to thank those of you that participated in this workshop.

While we spent less than 2 weeks promoting this event, we were delighted with the level of interest and number of attendees (50+) that came to learn more about the home buying process in Marin County.     Everyone had great questions and we really enjoyed hosting the event for you!

During the event we reviewed some general information regarding the Marin real estate market and the home buying process including:

  • Market Real Estate Market Update presentation by Renee Adelmann
  • Financial Planning presentation by Katy Song
  • Mortgage Financing presentation by Nicholas Ballard
  • Steps for Finding & Purchasing Your Home
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Due to popular demand we will be sponsoring another seminar in Marin designed to help educate prospective home buyers on the process of buying a home in Marin County.  

This interactive event will be held on Sunday, February 12th from 12-2pm and will feature local speakers with expertise in Marin real estate, financial planning and mortgage lending.  

You can learn more about the event (and register) by visiting Marin First Time Home Buyers Seminar.

If you're contemplating a potential home purchase in Marin, we'd encourage you to register for this FREE event now.   Seating is limited and these workshops are always popular so we encourage you to register early to secure your seat!

We hope to see you on February 12th!

Renee Adelmann, Owner of Marin

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Financing for floating homes is not within my usual bailiwick, however numerous inquiries pushed me to do some research and I thought I'd post some information on this topic for those in need.

Even in past years when home financing was far more liberal, credit for purchasing a floating home was difficult to find. In today's challenged lending environment, non-mainstream loans have largely vanished and I was able to find only one lender offering financing for floating homes in the Bay Area: Financial Benefits Credit Union (FBCU). With just one player in the market, loan offerings are understandably limited and borrowers are likely to find themselves relegated to either a 7-year fixed or a 7-year adjustable loan. Both loans are based on 25-year

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