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Whether or not you care a lot about weather, you will start to pay attention when you begin your search for a home in Marin County. Marin is one of the few places on Earth with a microclimate.

As a local realtor in Marin I'm used to peoples somewhat disbelieving reactions when I tell them about the differences in weather patterns between the cities in Marin County - and even WITHIN each city! It could easily differ as much as 18°F (10° C) within just a fifteen minutes drive. This is fascinating and something you learn to take advantage of when you live here.

During my sixteen years as a Marin resident, there are numerous occasions when I've crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and the temperature shows 53° F. Fifteen minutes later, the same car

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I recently answered a forum question about moving to San Francisco, CA vs. Marin, CA and what would be best for this family. What I know is the dad is in sales, based out of Petaluma with a territory that heads south toward San Francisco.  What I garnered from his posted question was they wanted the urban life of San Francisco, "think tattoos, Buffalo exchange and single pour coffeehouses" his words, "with the ease of family friendly walkable neighborhoods and excellent public schools".

Does this place exist in San Francisco or Marin? If it does, I want to be the mayor. When I think tattoos and single pour coffeehouses, my mind goes straight to Sacramento. Not an option for them.

After a few back and forth exchanges, me trying to paint

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