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Students of Marin County Schools scored well in the recent results released regarding the annual Standardized Testing and Reporting exams (STAR). In fact, they outperformed state averages by a significant margin. The tests measure second through seventh grade students' proficiency in math and English.  


According to the Marin IJ, 73.4% of Marin students were proficient in English, whereas 54% of all California students in those grades were proficient in English. Marin Students also averaged better in math than the state, coming in at 66.1% compared to 50%. "The significant and sustained improvements we've seen for nine consecutive years prove how hard teachers, school employees, administrators and parents are working to help students

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Residents of Corte Madera and Larkspur alike are looking to add Corte Madera to the name of the school district that it shares with Larkspur as a two-school district. Neil Cummins Elementary School is in Corte Madera and Hall Middle School is in Larkspur. The new (old) name would be the Larkspur-Corte Madera School District.


Corte Madera is currently home to 814 of the students in the district as opposed to 469 students living in Larkspur, according to the Marin IJ. The district is also hoping to add a third school in Corte Madera. However, it would require some building expansion to the existing site, as well as retrofitting. The district's superintendent recently approached the Corte Madera Community Foundation to discuss a $26 million bond

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"Excellent public schools" is a reason frequently cited by our clients interested in relocating to Marin County.  For families with small children contemplating a move to Marin, you'll definetly want to checkout the frontpage article in today's Marin IJ Newspaper entitled Academic Performance Index Results: Marks Rise in Marin.  

This article includes the most recent Academic Performance Index (API) scores for Marin County with a detailed breakdown on API scores in Marin by School District and School.   The API scores represent a number from 200 to 1,000 and reflect a school's results on several statewide test.

Once again Marin County schools have demonstrated their academic achievement and have risen well above most schools in California (and above

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