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10 Reasons to Cross the Golden Gate Bridge - Why Marin Part 2 (First 5)


Marin would not be Marin without San Francisco! Why? Well, first it's proximity to San Francisco measurably increases property values/cost. As you move closer to the Golden Gate bridge price per square foot for homes increases. Second, Marin has the endless open space, warm summer weather, homes with garages and backyards that San Francisco typically does not. However, San Francisco has The Zoo, World Class Museums, 1,000's of excellent restuarants and any kind of nightlife you want.

Marin, would not be Marin without San Francisco and that is why as a resident of Marin you owe it to yourself to take advantge of all the wonders San Francisco has to offer.  When I want to go to the

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10 Reasons to Cross the Golden Gate Bridge and Visit San Francisco


Is July really almost over? I am still trying to figure out where June went and now we are quickly approaching August which means back to school, fall and the best weather of the year in San Francisco. There is no better time to venture out from your Marin haven, through the Rainbow tunnel and head across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge (or take the Larkspur ferry) for some SF activities.

1.     Walking across the Golden Gate Bridge - Have you? If not, do it!

img_7781_400Presidio - Off the Grid Thursday Night

2.     Off the Grid Presidio - Sunday lunch and Thursday dinner. Food trucks, music, cocktails

3.     Crissy Field - beach, walk, bike, play


4.     Exploratorium -

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Why do you love living in Marin or San Francisco? A top benefit for me is access to our World Class Wine regions in Napa, Sonoma and Healdsburg/Russian River Valley.


In just a short 60-90 minute drive you can find yourself in another world, surrounded by miles of vineyards, rustic country inns and some of the best wineries in the world. How lucky are we? Very!!!


Napa Valley produces some of the best wines in the world and is a wine lovers paradise but it has become crowded and expensive to wine taste there. A tasting can cost between $20-50 depending on the winery.

Sonoma Valley also has top-notch wineries and some of my favorites. The wines at Sebastiani for example have greatly improved over the years and are reasonably

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5 reasons to move to Marin (or come home to Marin)

The current market is like a rare convergence of stars! A perfect alignment that creates unique and special opportunities. According to a local astronomer, my only son was born under such a rare convergence and while I might be a little biased he truly is a unique and special person with traits typically not seen in a human boy! My point is, the market is ripe and while inventory is down great homes are hitting the market daily.

Interest rates are low, prices are down and the job market in Marin and SF continues to rebound with tech companies expanding and opening offices in SF.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should consider relocating to Marin or for those of you who moved away why

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