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The Long-running sellers' market for Marin real estate continues! It is relatively easy and quick to sell, but the process of buying can be longer and more difficult. That's because there's a shortage of inventory of homes for sale. This week, the MLS shows 469 listings for single family homes and condos. 204 of them, or 43%, are in contract. Currently,  45% of homes sold in November were on the market for 30 days or less, and an additional 35% sold in 60 days or less. That's a pretty fast-moving market!

If you're moving and have a home to sell, there are choices to make.The easiest way to go, by far, is to buy first, get your new home ready, then move and sell your current home vacant and staged. So, if you have plenty of funds to buy your new home

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Low Inventory, High Prices, Multiple Offers, and Intense Competition are just a few of the reasons that  Buyers become fatigued with the process and just stop looking. The secret to success in this market? Never give up! Ignore the odds and focus on the desired results. Find a great REALTOR who is on board with your goals, will guide you in your search, provide encouragement, and who also does not know how to quit. Remain engaged.

My clients just moved into their new 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home in a great Petaluma neighborhood, within easy walking distance of their childrens' schools. Using their VA qualifications, we wrote 6 no-down-payment offers over a period of several months. In the North Bay,  where there are a lot of buyers competing for a

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