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Good news for Marin County homeowners! If you have an extra bedroom and bath in your home more than likely you can now convert that space into separate living quarters at a very low cost. Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADU) is a new concept that allows you to create a legal rental unit in your home that you can use to generate income, house a loved one or accommodate a caregiver/au pair. And the best part is that many Marin cities  such as Novato, San Rafael and Fairfax have streamlined the process and made it easy and affordable.


The traditional family (mother, father and one or more children) now makes up 33% of the population in California. There is a steady rise in households consisting of single-parent families, couples without children, empty

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This past week Governor Brown issued a mandate for California cities and towns to cut water use by 25% after a voluntary cut of 20% failed. That means us! We are now in the fourth year of one of the most severe modern droughts and our water supplies are becoming scarce. What is more scary is that there is no guarantee that next year or the year after will bring us rain.

We have been called into action to take water conservation seriously and will be penalized financially if we don't. Ouch!! Here are some tips to conserve and save money:

1.      Install water-saving shower heads and low-flow aerators easily found at Pini Hardware, Lowe's and Home Depot. Check with your water

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Looking for a unique gift - Old Town Novato offers a treasure trove of gifts and ideas. This quaint business district is filled with specialty stores:

Morris & Company - This enchanting gift store is magic the minute you walk in. It carries a line of Vietri, hand-painted wine glasses, imported Christmas ornaments, baby gifts, jewelry and so much more. The owners, Jan & Austin, know the inventory and are always happy to help you find the right gift - and they have complimentary gift wrapping.

Five Little Monkeys - When you are looking for quality toys, games, costumes (what child doesn't appreciate a good costume) and children's craft projects, this is the shop. It is jammed packed with hard-to-find merchandise from such companies as: Blue Orange,

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