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When purchasing a home, your agent will ask you if you want a home warranty.  It is an item on the C.A.R. Residential Purchase Agreement in which the cost is negotiable between the buyer and the seller.  My buyers often ask me if it is necessary.  The answer is no, it is not necessary, but in my opinion, well worth it.  Even if the buyer has to pay for it themselves, it should be done.  And I will tell you why...

A home warranty covers failures of the mechanical systems within the home due to normal wear and tear after close of escrow.  These systems include the furnace, water heater, air conditioning, electrical, attic and exhaust fans, ceiling fans, plumbing, plumbing stoppages and the appliances just to name a few.  The policies are very

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A lot of my clients ask me, "What exactly is a home warranty?"

 A home warranty is a service contract, thru a provider, that covers the repair and/or replacement costs of home systems and appliances. Each one is individualized to a homeowner's needs/wants. There are standard coverages and then optional additions that are available.  A home warranty can cover everything from attic fans, garage door openers, ductwork, electrical, plumbing, furnaces, major appliances to septic systems and pool/spa equipment. 

A Sellers may include a home warranty to a Buyer, a REALTOR®  may purchase one for their client and/or a home owner may purchase their own.  There are a number of reputable companies that offer warranties. 

A home warranty works like

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