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51 Pinheiro Cr. Novato CA 94945 has new owners!

I’m so happy for my first-time home buyers that just closed on their gorgeous Marin home. They were able to jump to the head of the line and get their winning offer accepted before any public open houses. This does not happen very often, but occasionally there is a seller that needs to get their home in escrow quickly in order to move forward on their replacement property. Luckily this was the case for us. My buyers acted quickly and met with their awesome lender and as a team, we were able to beat out the competition and get our offer accepted.

51 Pinheiro is a large home that my buyers can grow into as well as share now with family and friends. They love that they can walk to town, are close to

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Two Things First Time Home Buyers Need to Know

Buyers entering the real estate market are more savvy today than ever before.  Prior to the internet age, buyers relied heavily on their Realtor to feed them information and listings and wouldn’t even begin their search until meeting with and committing to a Realtor. Now, at least 90% of buyers start their search online, research the process and properties for months, often years before calling a Realtor.

In this new age of information, we as Realtors need to work even harder to find and maintain buyer clients and we do this by providing value and insight into the process. We offer our knowledge of the specific cities and neighborhoods in our market, inside scoop on upcoming listings, and our connection

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3 Compelling Articles to Buy or Sell Now!


Are you considering buying or selling a home this year? Either way all indicators show that now is the time. Not in 3 months or this fall but literally now. I mean it...NOW!

Keeping Matters Current reports on all things Real estate related. In all the articles from KMC and other news channels there are common themes. Interest rates have dropped, prices are slated to rise, and rents continue to increase. In lieu of re-writing what they have already clearly explained I urge you to read all 3 article.


In this first article they discuss 4 Reasons to Buy Before Spring!    One key point I share with my buyers and sellers, starting just before Thanksgiving, is the holidays are actually a

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Why Should I buy a Home Now or Ever?


Turns out there are numerous articles written by all the major financial news agencies about why you should and should not buy a house now, in the future or ever. The reality is homeownership is still a major goal for most adults. According to CAR 80% of adults surveyed "see homeownership as a very important long-term financial goal" and 81% of renters "would like to own a home in the future".

Business Times posted an article in 2012 with the title, "Five Reasons It Could Be the Opportunity of a Lifetime to Buy a House" 2012, when prices were 10-25% lower, interest rates hovered around 3.62% for a 30 year fixed rate loan which now is in the 4.25% range.

The message in 2012 was BUY NOW. Prices

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I'm In Contract - When Do I own My Home?


When I make an offer on a home, when do I own it? According to Zillow, 47% of buyers think they own the home when they sign the purchase contract. In fact, the signing of the purchase contract and ratification (when all parties have signed and agreed) starts the transaction clock ticking and it's not until inspections have been done, appraisal approved, loan documents  signed, loan is funded and transaction is recorded at the county recorders office by title that you finally own the home. You will receive that magical call from your Realtor, "We are on record".

In truth, there are a lot of steps and hoops to jump through once the purchase contract is signed. If you are fortunate enough to pay

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First time homebuyer question: What are the closing and other costs involved in buying a home?


The bulk of the cost to purchase a home is the down payment but there are several other costs involved you may or may not be aware of. A huge benefit to being on the buyer side is the seller typically pays the commission for both sides of the transaction. The commission is by far the largest portion of the closing costs.

Note that all costs involved in purchasing a home are negotiable but there are some standard that agents follow.


Buyer closing and other costs include but are not limited to the following:

(for more specific and detailed information on closing costs contact a title company and a local lender)

  • 3% good faith
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First Time Home Buyer Questions: Part 2

Will I lose my deposit money?


One good thing that came out of the real estate market crash is the safeguards that were put into place to protect buyers and sellers and their money.

In a typical residential real estate transaction a buyer will put down 1-3% of the purchase price as a deposit called a "good faith deposit". The 3% represents the amount of money a buyer can lose if they default on the contract. The 3% deposit monies sit in an escrow account until the close of escrow or the transaction is complete.

In what instances would I be in default? Built into the contract are contingencies. The contingencies allow for the buyer to inspect the property, seller disclosures, get an appraisal

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New home buyer seminar in Marin County, California.

Yesterday we hosted a Marin First Time Home Buyer Seminar and I wanted to thank those of you that participated in this workshop.

While we spent less than 2 weeks promoting this event, we were delighted with the level of interest and number of attendees (50+) that came to learn more about the home buying process in Marin County.     Everyone had great questions and we really enjoyed hosting the event for you!

During the event we reviewed some general information regarding the Marin real estate market and the home buying process including:

  • Market Real Estate Market Update presentation by Renee Adelmann
  • Financial Planning presentation by Katy Song
  • Mortgage Financing presentation by Nicholas Ballard
  • Steps for Finding & Purchasing Your Home
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Due to popular demand we will be sponsoring another seminar in Marin designed to help educate prospective home buyers on the process of buying a home in Marin County.  

This interactive event will be held on Sunday, February 12th from 12-2pm and will feature local speakers with expertise in Marin real estate, financial planning and mortgage lending.  

You can learn more about the event (and register) by visiting Marin First Time Home Buyers Seminar.

If you're contemplating a potential home purchase in Marin, we'd encourage you to register for this FREE event now.   Seating is limited and these workshops are always popular so we encourage you to register early to secure your seat!

We hope to see you on February 12th!

Renee Adelmann, Owner of Marin

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