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Listing Status Terms Defined

Real Estate Question

You have been searching properties on the internet for months and now you are ready to jump in and start a serious search for your new home. The properties that fit your criteria and budget have various status notes on them that keep changing and some properties disappear from the searches all together. What does all this mean?

Most common Status

  •       Active
  •       Contingent – show
  •       Contingent – No show
  •       Pending
  •       Sold
  •       BOM – back on market

When a house is listed, the original status is ACTIVE. The status will remain active until the house receives offers and a contract is ratified or the house is pulled off the market.

Once a contract is ratified the status will

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777 Sun Lane, Novato CA 94947 - Just Purchased!


How long do you think it should take to find the perfect home for you? There are as many answers to this question as there are people out there looking for their perfect home! 

Buying a home is a process and buyers approach that process in their own unique way.  There really isn't a one-fits-all approach. 

I have worked with clients that have very simple and clear-cut needs, look at one house and make an offer. I have other clients whose lives that are in transition and it might take them months or even a few years to find a home that fits their needs. The house they think they need today might not be the house that will work for them in the long run.

I always try to stress to my

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