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What is a Preliminary Title Report?

A preliminary title report is issued prior to the transfer of title and details the conditions in which the title company will issue a title insurance policy.

 Real Estate Questions

Listing agents typically pre-open escrow so they can include a preliminary title report with the disclosure packet and see if there are any issues with the title that need to be cleared up.

A preliminary title report sets forth various details about a piece of real estate, including: 

  • Ownership;
  • Liens and encumbrances; including property taxes paid and owed
  • Easements. 

The preliminary title search gathers the information from the county assessors office that the property is located in.

There are also highlighted links (usually in

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217 Picnic Avenue San Rafael - Off Market Gem!

Timing truly is everything! Working with buyers in a sellers market can drive even the most patient clients nuts! It's our job, as their advocate and realtor, to minimize the stress of finding their perfect home. Buyers who are ready to purchase really just want to find that home that speaks to them when they walk in the door. Unfortunately that home might be speaking to a dozen other buyers or the house isn't their dream home and they might be forcing the conversation.

Throughout the life of working with a buyer to find and purchase a home I focus on keeping their hope alive. They might waiver, get frustrated, take a break or even fire you along the way but I never lose sight that their perfect house

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8 Linda Avenue, San Rafael CA 94903 – A Perfect Match!

The best part of being a Realtor is the honor of meeting and working with so many interesting and wonderful people. I enjoy getting to know my clients and catering my service and attention to meet their needs. Every home sale or purchase is unique to not only the house but also to each client. It’s always a welcome challenge to figure out what that is for each client and thrilling when it all comes together.

I believe the pairing of my client with this house was a perfect match!

8 Linda Avenue is a sweet 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with a lovely landscaped front yard and backyard filled with fruit trees. Kitchen and master bath have been recently updated and most of the windows are double pane.

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Is October 8th Really The Best Day to Buy a Home?


A recent study by Realty Trac found that there is one magical day in the year that is statistically The Best day to purchase a home. That day is October 8th! Don't panic or start making offers on just any home.  There is more data.

Their study also revealed that on average buyers got the best deal on homes in October, over the last 15 years, followed by November in some markets.  The study further showed the next best months are February, July, December and January respectively. This study supports what I and many other Realtors repeat year after year to our clients. Fall and winter are great times to buy. Many of my clients have felt that if they don't find a house in the spring they have to

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Who's Mortgage Do You Want To Pay?


The rent vs. buy question comes up all the time in Real Estate. Now more then ever that threshold is changing and renters considering a purchase have to crunch the numbers and make a decision. Rent or buy?

With continuing high demand, low inventory and rising home prices rents are also rising.


There are a number of rent vs. buy calculators that can provide a window into your specific situation. Are you making a high enough monthly rent payment that would cover a mortgage? When you figure in your total payments or PITI (principle, interest, taxes and insurance) and tax benefits could you be paying towards your mortgage or are you financing your landlords mortgage?

A simple calculator is however,

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Is summer the Best time to buy a Home?


Realtors, lenders, analysts and even buyers are always talking about the spring selling season as THE time to list your home or buy a home. In Marin Country we do see the biggest influx of new listings in the spring and flood of buyers who want to get settled before summer.

But is the spring the best time to buy a home? Honestly, the best time to buy a home is when a buyer is ready! There are benefits and challenges to every season: Fall, winter, Spring and summer but there is no reason why you can't make the best out of each one.

Yes, we do see an increase in inventory after the holiday slow down and end of winter. Sellers are less likely to list their house in the winter due to the

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92 Bahama Reef, Novato CA 94945 - Found New Owners!

Sometimes the house you end up buying is not the house you were looking for when you started your search. Often the city you buy that house in wasn't even part of your original plans.


Which is one of the reasons I urge my clients to take their time and not rush the process. Buying a home truly is a process and is vastly different for each client.  My clients have been living in SF for 6 years in a one-bedroom condo and when I started working with them weren't really convinced that they even wanted to move to Marin (the burbs) and leave the excitement of the city.

How do you know which city you want to live in? What neighborhood? Is walking to get coffee in your top 5 or do you

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Whose Timeline is it Anyway?


The Marin County Real Estate Market as well as most of the country is experiencing a strong sellers market in most price points. We are also seeing historically low inventory levels month after month and interest levels remain low. It's soooo difficult not to try and convince our sellers clients into listing NOW but also touch to not try and push our buyers to grab opportunities that pop up now vs. waiting until later in the year or 2016.

There is a fine line in Real Estate Sales between "selling" a home and helping a client buy or sell a home. When do we push and when do we allow our clients to find their own way?

During my initial search for a Brokerage to hang my license with I was

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1142 Simmons Lane, Novato CA 94945 has a new Owner!

The Real Estate biz is full of ups and downs. In each transaction there are many players and endless opportunities for things to go very right but also to go very wrong. A variety of personalities to start and then you throw in the lenders, title companies, and home inspectors, building inspectors and on and on. On the buying side I often feel like I am orchestrating the impossible symphony. It truly is a small miracle when we get to the end and close the transaction and even more miraculous when at the end everyone still likes each other.


Then comes along a client and a transaction that surprises and delights you. From previewing properties to sitting at the signing table everything

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Why Should I buy a Home Now or Ever?


Turns out there are numerous articles written by all the major financial news agencies about why you should and should not buy a house now, in the future or ever. The reality is homeownership is still a major goal for most adults. According to CAR 80% of adults surveyed "see homeownership as a very important long-term financial goal" and 81% of renters "would like to own a home in the future".

Business Times posted an article in 2012 with the title, "Five Reasons It Could Be the Opportunity of a Lifetime to Buy a House" 2012, when prices were 10-25% lower, interest rates hovered around 3.62% for a 30 year fixed rate loan which now is in the 4.25% range.

The message in 2012 was BUY NOW. Prices

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