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Sausalito Floating Homes Annual Tour


I have been wanting to attend the Annual Sausalito Floating Home tour for years.  I finally did and I was not disappointed. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in purchasing or renting a floating home or just curious about the lifestyle. It's one day only at the end of September and gives attendees an opportunity to glimpse this truly one-of-a-kind floating community.

Floating home living is truly magical and unique but not for everyone. The Marin Modern website receives 100's of inquiries monthly from potential buyers searching for homes on or near the water and narrow it down to the floating homes because at first glance it seems perfect and romantic and a way to live on the water at a

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Floating Home Annual Tour - September 24, 2016


The floating home community in Sausalito is truly one of a kind. Nowhere else will you find such an eclectic assembly of floating homes thriving in a highly coveted and exclusive county! The approximately 425 floating homes in the waters of Sausalito are spread over several docks. Most managed by Waldo Point Harbor and Kappa's Marina but a few are also privately owned and operated. Each dock has a style and feel all its own.


The Marin Modern website attracts 100's of curious potential buyers and renters every month with questions about the lifestyle, process of purchasing and ownership. It's an attractive option to waterfront living and conjures romantic visions of waking up to the

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The 3 P's of Purchasing a Floating Home!



The Marin Modern Website gets 100's of curious buyers every week trying to gather more information about the magical and mystical lifestyle of owning and living on a Floating home in Sausalito.

At first glance it seems like one of the most affordable ways to live on the water in literally one of the most unaffordable counties in the country.



Do your research. Talk with a knowledgeable realtor that knows the floating home market and get the facts before even considering a floating home purchase.

Get your financing in order. More then 50% of all floating homes are purchase with cash. Two reasons. First you are buying

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Are You Considering a Floating Home Purchase: Part 3


Congratulations! Escrow has closed and your Realtor has just handed you the keys to your very own piece of waterfront heaven! However, your home is so much more then just a waterfront home. You are in the water. Surrounded. Floating. You are one of approximately 425 lucky owners of a Sausalito, CA Floating home.

My three-part series on Floating homes is a reality check for the 100's of dreamers out there considering a floating home purchase.

Floating homes have been a part of my life since I was a little kid. My mom would bring us to visit friends on the docks and when I walked onto the boats I was mesmerized. Seriously, a home that is a boat, floating in the bay? There was

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37 South Forty Dock, Sausalito CA 94965 - Dreams Do Come True


An artist had a dream or more like a vision to create a space in the houseboat community where he and his family could enjoy the alternative floating home environment, draw creative energy from the people and water.


Three years ago he had the dream of purchasing a fixer floating home, his wife was not "on board" with the idea. Two years ago he contacted me and started casually looking at available homes that came on the market. He was very specific in his criteria. It had to be in a good location, not too close to the parking lot and pleasing views of the other homes, water, mountains, it had to be small and it had to be a fixer.

We met several times at a variety of

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Since a number of my clients have asked me about property taxes and how they apply to floating homes, I thought I would create a helpful blog post outlining how property taxes are applied to floating homes in Marin County, California.

Sausalito, CA Houseboats/Floating homes in Marin County are considered "real property" and taxed at the same rate as land based homes which is 1% plus parcel tax, school bonds, special assessments etc. However, depreciation is taken into account so the assessed value that the tax base is calculated on can be lower (sometimes considerably) than a land based home for the same sale price. They take into account age of property, location and a few other criteria.

Here is an example:
9 Commadore Heliport sold in July

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