Marin Real Estate Update: The Bottom of The Market Was Last Year

Posted by Annalise Demuth on Monday, December 3rd, 2012 at 10:56am.

If you've been thinking about buying a home I know you've been wondering if we've surpassed the bottom of the market.  Last year during the holidays the Marin County real estate market was flooded with foreclosures, short sales and over priced properties.  You couldn't sell the kitchen sink for $25!  And frankly, most buyers were scared they would be over paying for their home. 

This year however, the Marin County real estate market has ticked upward every month. The median price has increased and the days on market are declining. Coupled with low interest rates, low inventory, lots of buyers and there you have it, the market seemed to bottom out around December 2011/January 2012. 

In October 2012 a total of 229 single-family home sales were recorded in Marin, where as a year earlier only a 157 sales were recorded.

In October 2012 the median sale price of $770,000 was up from $749,000 in October 2011.

The number of single-family home sales mostly increased every month from January 2012 through October 2012.

So what does this all mean for you, a future home owner of Marin County real estate?  It means now is the time to start looking and you should call me.  I will help you secure financing and help you figure out where is the best place for you to live in Marin County. I have a simple yet effective step by step system to have you in your new home as soon as humanly possible.   


Annalise Demuth is a licensed Realtor with Marin Modern Real Estate.   Contact Annalise for assistance buying or selling homes, condominiums or multi-family dwellings in either Marin County or the East Bay.

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