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The Sea Ranch CA 95497 - An Architectural Wonder & Coastal Playground


The Sea Ranch is a magical, architecturally significant community of homes on the California Coast. As a kid, my parents and family friends would rent this one house every year at The Sea Ranch. I remember a cozy loft bed, a wind swept meadow. I remember making sand candles on the beach. I remember loving every minute of our visits.  Of course in true 60's style there was a sunken living room and a hot tub!

We would walk to the community pool and tennis courts, ride bikes, read and play games and just enjoy coastal life. There is plenty of room to run around as the homes are scattered along the landscape and not smashed together like most newer developments. Some

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The Marin real estate market is red hot. Suddenly all cities and neighborhoods are in high demand. Even homes with lots adjacent to 101, or with sweeping views over gas stations or post office roofs, are selling for over asking prices.

Today was a big debate in the news about buyers bidding on and purchasing homes without even seeing them.  A bit absurd for most buyers, but a reality for others.

I would say that those buyers fall into two distinct categories: a.) extremely wealthy individuals who own several homes and could afford to lose $1M or $2M should the purchase turn out not to be a good affair. b.) investors that need to move fast and don't have time to look at homes before offers are due.

During my ten years as a Marin

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I just had the pleasure of helping my client get a great deal on a short sale in Sausalito. We were able to turn around a situation where my client did not get her first offer accepted over the summer. There were five offers and the seller ended up going with an offer from the tenant. However, that deal fell through and the property came back on the market. Because I had done a good job of packaging the offer the first time, and it was basically ready to go, I was able to quickly submit another offer and get it accepted to beat out four more offers that came in the second time. After that, we still had to negotiate with two lienholders on top of everything else that had to be done, and managed to get the transaction closed before the two foreclosure

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Data Quick, a La Jolla, CA-based real estate information service, in a report dated March 14, 2013, noted the following about the Bay Area real estate market:


  1. February’s median home prices up 24.6% compared to February of 2012. The Service attributed about half of the gain to price increased, and the rest to “market mix”, meaning that fewer low-priced distressed-property sales were taking place.
  2. February foreclosure resales, at 13.6% of the Bay Area market, were down from 26.4% a year ago. Short sales, at 21.4% were also down substantially from the year-ago figure of 27%.
  3. Absentee Buyers (mostly investors, according to the article) purchased 28.2% of Bay Area homes in February, paying a median price of
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