Tiburon Modern & Mid-Century Modern Homes

Located on the first large peninsula as you enter Marin from the Golden Gate Bridge, the town of Tiburon is an affluent community with some spectacular real estate.  Since the Tiburon Peninsula is surrounded by water on three sides, the majority of homeowners in Tiburon have water views.  With all these expansive vistas, Tiburon is a perfect setting for modern architecture.

Tiburon has been home to a number of well-known architects.  The very famous mid-century modern architect, Raphael Soriano ran his business out of an office on Main Street in Tiburon.  He is best known for making modern post and beam homes out of steel, paving the way for the modern day steel pre-fab homes.  In fact, he designed the first mass-produced steel house, which was built by Joseph Eichler in the South Bay.  Soriano lived in Tiburon for many years in a house that he designed.

Charles Warren Callister is another prominent modern architect who was based in Tiburon.  His expressive use of wood joinery, combined with an Asian influence, made his boldly modern homes easily identifiable.  Callister worked with Jack Hillmer, another architect who had a strong presence in Marin, but they split ways after working together on a home in Belvedere in 1946.

Perched on a hillside above the waters of Tiburon, is a home designed by the influential architect William Wurster.  One of California's most important architects, Wurster captured the spirit of modern design in his simple, understated style.  Today, it is difficult to walk through a California neighborhood and not see at least one design element influenced by Wurster.

Another noteworthy Tiburon resident, Edith Heath, was a defining influence of 20th century American design. Heath was a pioneer in the mid-century California pottery movement.  Her minimalist tile work and tableware were a defining influence of 20th century American design. Heath worked closely with Frank Lloyd Wright and was the first non-architect to win the AIA gold medal.  Her company, Heath Ceramics, is still going strong.

If you are looking for a modern or mid-century home, Tiburon has a long history with influential architects and designers.  Sleek, minimalist design coupled with spectacular views make homes in this area very desirable.

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Photo Credit: Levinson Residence pictured above courstey of Mill Valley-based Mahoney Architects & Interiors.  


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