San Geronimo Modern & Mid-Century Modern Homes

Just past Fairfax, set up against the coastal mountains off Sir Francis Drake Boulevard is the peaceful town of San Geronimo.  There isn't a whole lot to do in this little place, unless you like to golf, bike, or hike.  If the quiet lifestyle appeals to you, then you have found a place to call home.  The next step is to find a suitable home.  The houses in San Geronimo vary in architecture, so you will have an interesting time in the hunt for the perfect home.

Many of the homes in San Geronimo were built in the 70's and are either shingled, traditionally styled houses or funky high-beamed homes with angled rooflines.  Hey - they may be the next craze on the real estate market!

One of the few prefab homes in Marin is in the San Geronimo Valley.  This modular home, created by Oakland-based Michelle Kaufmann Designs, was planned to be very eco friendly - from the fly ash in the concrete, spray foam insulation, to double-pane low-e windows, low VOC paint and bamboo flooring - this home is designed for clean simple living.  Strategically placed windows allow for good cross ventilation and wash inside surfaces with daylight, lowering the need for electric lighting.

There are an increasing number of custom-built homes in San Geronimo and many of these have modern styling.  Since most of these custom built modern styled homes are fairly new, they are not likely to come on the market any time soon. However, since land is still a reasonable price and lots are somewhat flat and easy to build on, you might want to consider buying property and building your own dream house.

If you do decide to buy a lot and design a home, you might want to consider a prefab.  These homes are typically more affordable and don't take as long to build as a traditional custom house.  Most designs are somewhat flexible and allow some customization by the owner.  You might want to check out Dwell Model homes by Empyrean, Michelle Kauffman Designs, Marmol Radziner Prefab, Ecosteel Homes, and Rocio Romero for some ideas.  If a little office or art studio is on your wish list, take a look at Modern Shed, Modern Cabana, or WeeHouse.

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