Ross Modern & Mid-Century Modern Homes

Despite its status as being one of the most expensive residential areas in the United States, Ross has kept the woodsy integrity and down-home feel that helps make it so desirable.  Surrounded by lands that are protected from development by preservation restrictions, homes in the area are gracious and don't have the closed-in feel that some more crowded areas experience.

Architecture in Ross is diverse and filled with character.  With Tuscan villas, Craftsman bungalows, and grand multistoried "American style" homes, Ross has something to suit every taste.  Recently a home designed by San Francisco based Jim Jennings was on the market.  With an indoor pool surrounded by glass, ample wall space for showcasing artwork, and floor to ceiling windows, the asking price was in the $3M range.

Although Ross is not a hotbed of modern and mid-century modern homes, there are a number of examples designed by very well respected modern architects.  Bernard Maybeck was ahead of his time in 1906 when he designed a home for a local lumber baron using elements of redwood and many windows to blur the lines between the indoors and the outdoors. Henry Hill, another prominent architect of the modern school is also represented in Ross.  Hill is well known for his dramatic style, with emphasis on light and shadow, and integration of natural textures into his design.

Donald Olsen, who designed some phenomenal stylish homes in Marin County, has designed a home in Ross. With creative use of glass and space he created a home that might be described as a fishbowl - which isn't a bad thing with views of Mount Tamalpais and beautifully forested hillsides just outside the front door.

Ross real estate has always been popular and desirable.  In the early days the well-to-do from San Francisco enjoyed vacation homes in the area.  Nowadays the well-to-do still enjoy the area, but on a permanent basis.  With handy access to both the freeway and the ferry, Ross is a short commute to San Francisco.   With an average home price of $2.2M, Ross is an exclusive area reserved for a select group of discrimintating buyers.

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