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Corte Madera Modern & Mid-Century Modern Homes

Due to its close proximity to San Francisco and the East Bay, Corte Madera has long been a popular town for commuters.  During the past 50 years several large residential tracts were built to accommodate this interest, so housing is plentiful and Corte Madera real estate can be found for under $1M.  Unfortunately for lovers of architectural homes, this usually translates into older tract homes lacking modern flair.

That being said, all is not lost in the maze of tract housing.  If a mid-century modern home in Corte Madera is what you must have, you might have some luck in the much coveted east side, just off Paradise Drive.  In this area, which borders Tiburon, you can find custom built lagoon-front homes as well as modern charmers up on the hill overlooking the bay.  The Meadowsweet and Chapman Park neighborhoods also have some 50's and 60's vintage homes with flat roofs and walls of windows.  These are the exception rather than the rule, however, as mid-century modern homes in Corte Madera are few and far between.

Perhaps the most interesting modern building in Corte Madera is a home on Summit Drive.  Built in 1965 as his personal residence, Paffard Keatinge-Clay designed a concrete and glass house, which was described in The Guide to Architecture in the San Francisco Bay Area (1975) as "Little more than a concrete moon viewing platform built for the Architect himself".  As time went on, the house was subjected to a series of renovations so that it no longer resembles its very minimalist beginnings.

Custom homes and remodels are becoming popular in the area, although most tend to stick with the traditional Craftsman and Victorian styles that are widely available in Corte Madera.  This trend is slowly beginning to change however.  Recently a custom modern home designed by Selander Architects was on the market.  The design worked around the existing footprint of a two-story mid-century modern home.  The architect created additional living space by creating a glass breezeway that connects to the family room.  This home is state of the art and even has a solar power system.  Rumor has it that sometimes the electrical meter runs backwards! 

Sim Van der Ryn has also designed several projects in Corte Madera, including a spectacular mountain top home.  Although this is a grand home, with architecture unto itself, it is interesting because of the philosophies followed in its development.  Great effort was taken to integrate conservation of energy and material with regenerative land use strategies. 

If you can't find a modern home to suit your taste, a redo is always an option.  Perhaps you can snag one of the modern homes available and remodel in the spirit of the original to create an energy efficient marvel with all the allure of modernism and the technology of today.

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